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Welcome to Torme

Torme offers a respite from the norm with

an eclectic mix of Contemporary Italian Favorites.

Dine indoors at the bar, or on our large shaded outdoor patio.

Torme features a rotating menu of Homemade Pasta, Locally Sourced Ingredients including Salads, Sandwiches and Classic Dishes.

After culinary school, my first job was as a prep cook at Primo Italian Restaurant in Hilton Head, South Carolina. My college roommate, Kent Werth, was the Chef, and to this day, the best Chef / Line Cook / Operator I have ever worked with.


Daily, I would prepare Fresh Pastas, Ravioli, Sauces, and accompaniments. The simplicity, attention to detail, and consistency is something I have carried throughout my career and is what we hope to bring to you today.


Each dish is prepared to order with minimal manipulation and clean presentations, while utilizing the most quality ingredients possible.


Our Four Cheese Ravioli, an Ode to Primo, has been used in various formats in each restaurant I have owned. It is a perfect example of how competing flavors can come together to create a unique flavor, while allowing each component to be appreciated. 


Browned Butter and Roasted Hazelnuts lightly dress an oversized Ravioli filled with a combination of Citrus, Cream, Pepper, and Sweet. We call these “Pings”, allowing you to experience different highlights of flavor throughout the dish.


Our Pasta, Focaccia, Sauces and Dressings are all prepared fresh daily and carry the theme of simple preparations with a complimentary blending of flavors.


Thanks for joining us.  Enjoy Torme, and the Pings!


                                                                  - Barry


Torme Menu 4-22-22

While all items are prepared to order, we do ask requests for modifications be kept to those of a medical nature. Your server is happy to assist with specific ingredients as all are not listed on the menu. Some ingredients may be subtracted from a dish, but not substituted for others.

Gift Certificates Available

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